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Our Mission

Our goal is to create the most realistic simulation of life, interaction, and response possible.

Our Shared Vision

Our team is a combination of award winning artists, fabricators, hardware designers, and software programmers. Working together with one common goal to recreate the most realistic simulation of life possible. 

Artificial intelligence has been a part of human experience for millennia. Dating as far back as 750 BC from the ancient Greek philosopher Homer, who coined the phrase "Automaton". It is our intention to elevate this interdisciplinary endeavor to the level of an artform.  This is our passion, to create visceral human interactive experiences that cannot be easily forgotten.

  • CyberAi provides expert solutions in solid-state embedded FPGA software and hardware systems development.

  • Discuss your project with us and we will provide you with a personalized solution .

  • We don't copy trends. We create them. 

  • Let's make some waves. 

We offer custom Ai software and hardware development design service solutions for any application. 

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