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"Automated real-time animatronic early warning system that notifies operators of potential problems."


Purpose :

The primary purpose of CyberStats notification system is to prevent high maintenance costs and 
avoid lengthy show downtime.

Solution :

CyberStats™ can catch the problem early, before visual detection is even possible. 

Function :

CyberStats subjects electric actuators in animatronics to what is effectively a 
continuous medical checkup. The human equivalent would be equipping a person with an activity tracker, a continuous digital ECG, and blood pressure monitor so their state of health could be analyzed at any time. The system enables operators to continuously visualize the current condition of show animatronics, and provide advanced warning of potential damage.

Common Knowledge :

Most expensive repairs started as a small,  simple maintenance fix. The old animatronics
shake” diagnostic just doesn’t get the job done. A way is needed for maintenance staff 
to be proactive and catch simple maintenance issues “early” before they become 
expensive. By catching the problem early, a simple error can be prevented from becoming
a catastrophe. This alert is provided through CyberStats™ analysis of live actuator feed.  
Any data which falls outside of established norms is reported automatically.

CyberStats™, Live report capabilities :

  • Predictive failure analysis on all servos, joints and other friction points via live actuator data.

  • Full System health monitoring in real time.

  • Custom alerts due to each use case.

  • Monitoring critical stats such as, position, temperature, current, voltage, moving status, etc.

  • Real time emergency alerts via IoT (Internet of Things).

  • Remote monitoring services

The DW Innovation Lab has created “CyberStats™”, a real-time show actuator monitoring  system with an automated “early” warning notification solution.

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