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(Patent Pending)

"When CyberSage can hear, it can react to what you say and know where you are."


Industrial Applications:

CyberSound-Ai ™ Revolution :

"When you speak CyberSound-Ai ™ knows where you are. "

DW Innovation Lab has created a revolution in show control technology. An artificial intelligence microphone system called "CyberSound-Ai ™ (Patent Pending)”, is an embedded solid-state hardware solution that can be integrated into any sound / motion control system.

CyberSound-Ai ™ , The intelligent Solution:

CyberSound-Ai ™ uses an embedded FPGA based data acquisition system which provides low latency. This ensures minimal delay in the processing of the data stream, as well as solid-state dependability.  CyberSound-Ai ™ can be integrated into the most recent advances in voice technology—including ASR, NLU, Wake Words, Neural Networks, and Edge connectivity options.

Upgrading “Legacy” robotics to artificial intelligence :

CyberSound-Ai™ is able to isolate and track human guests speech sound up to 5 meters away. When integrated with CyberSight™ , the Ai knows where to look in response to any spoken "keyword". With CyberSound-Ai™, a robot can react to what you say and know where you are.

CyberSound-Ai™ can combine DOA (Direction of arrival), NLP (Natural language processing) and Ai into one hardware solution. CyberSound-Ai™ can track and identify "any" sound source utilizing custom our custom "Machine Learning" (ML) services.

Specifications:  Width Diameter= 4.5", Length= 6”, Height= 1.25"”, Weight = 4oz, @5VDC 

CyberSound-Ai™ (Patent Pending) Technical Applications:
Multiple sound source tracking  via Direction of Arrival (DOA)

“Air-gapped” Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Human voice identification (Security Biometrics)
Acoustic Source Localization
Automated noise cancellation
Far-Field speech recognition
Spoken keyword trigger activation
Automated noise cancellation
Autonomous human interaction.

IoT (Internet of Things) integration.

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