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"This is the symmetry of awareness that occurs when human senses are integrated with our Artificial Intelligence, such as the ability to see and hear.  After this integration, our Ai has the ability to adapt to the changing environment around it.  The result is the autonomous interaction between robotics and human beings.



Autonomous human interaction is possible through "CyberAwareness™".

Animatronics interacting with human beings, needs more than artificial intelligence alone. CyberSage™ also requires "senses" to monitor changes within the environment around it. Combining products from our "CyberAwareness™" line can accomplish this. When CyberSage™ acquires senses such as the ability to "see",  CyberSight™, and "hear" CyberSound™, and CyberTrack™,  CyberAwareness™ can be achieved. This symmetry of Artificial Intelligence and physical input allow animatronics controlled by CyberSage™ to automatically interact with guests at amusement parks without human intervention. 

CyberSight™ , HD Video Capture system

“When CyberSage™ can see, it can intrerpret and react to the changing environment.”

CyberSight™ is a HD video capture system which can allow our Ai to identify, locate and track multiple guests simultaneously.  People tracking is a snap with two options.  We can use face tracking to track guests from 1 foot to 15 feet away or Pedestrian tracking  to track guests from 15 feet to 150 feet away.  Any visual object can become a show trigger ie: hats, badges, shirts, etc. CyberSight™ is only 6mm in diameter.  Our camera's small size enables it to be fit into eyes as small as 10mm in diameter.  The CyberSight™ system can also be utilized for navigation, object avoidance, and simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM).  CyberSight™ capabilities can include human face and pedestrian detection, object identification/detection,  facial recognition (biometrics), emotion and sentiment detection, IoT (Internet of Things) Integration. 


Capable video formats:   Web Cam (UVC), USB3, Machine Vision (MV), Time of Flight (ToF), Thermal (FLIR), etc.

CyberSound™, Ai Microphone Array System

“When CyberSage™ can hear, it can react to what you say and know where you are.”

CyberSound™ is a microphone array system which gives our Ai the ability to process human speech. Active noise cancellation allows CyberSage™ to ignore environmental sounds such as motors, music etc., and hear only naturally spoken human speech. listening for "Keywords” spoken by your guests which can trigger shows. CyberSound™ capabilities can include voice identification (biometrics), IoT (Internet of Things) Integration, etc.


CyberTrack™ , Ai Microphone Array System

“CyberSage-Ai ™,  can track guests using the sound of their voice.

CyberTrack™ is a sound source tracking algorithm. We utilize "DOA", Direction Of Arrival technology using the microphone array built into CyberSound. 

With CyberTrack™ our Ai processes sound sound data into three main components;   localization, separation and tracking. Through this technology, we can track multiple guests simultaneously by detecting the direction of sound waves produced by their voice.  CyberTrack™ allows CyberSage™ to find the guest that "spoke" the word that triggered the response or show.  Just as a human would.

Industrial Applications:

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