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Artificial Intelligence : Automated Guest Interaction with Animatronics.

"A revolution in show control technology."

"Animatronics can become Androids."

What engineers thought was years away has now arrived. DW Innovation has created an Artificial Intelligence platform called CyberSage (Patent Pending). CyberSage™, an Artificial Intelligence when integrated into a show control network, begins to monitor the show data stream. CyberSageis able to perceive its environment  through "Cyber-Senses", such as sight and sound. "Cyber-Awareness" is now achieved. CyberSage™ with automatically adapt and respond to the changing environment around it. Automated guest interactivity can now be added to legacy animatronics currently integrated with any show control system.

"The sky is the limit."

A technology limited only by your imagination.  On an embedded solid-state platform, CyberSage™  (Patent Pending), can exhibit interactive behavior that you desire.

Unlimited Versatility in Application

CyberSageutilizes FPGA technology. Unlike standard microcontroller architecture, an FPGA does not have a fixed hardware structure and can be reprogrammed to perform a completely different task from its original one.

CyberSageis integrated with Weigl show controls

CyberSagenot only can control any device the Weigl control system is integrated with, it also listens and responds to Showforge "Command Markers" as well.

Immersive Guest Experience 

With CyberSage™, guests can intuitively interact with show characters. 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Latency is the killer of all Artificial Intelligence processing. Waiting for a central processing unit to give your Ai application permission to execute is simply not an option. CyberSageutilizes solid-state, embedded FPGA technology.  To understand the differences between the processing speed of a CPU and an FPGA would be as follows. Here is an analogy, The speed of a CPU would be comparable to you looking up something on the internet versus the speed of your nervous system moving your fingers across the keyboard. There is very little comparison. Based on the application, an FPGA can exceed speeds up to 50x faster than that of a CPU.


A CPU reads a program an then executes it.

FPGA's don't run anything, they are configurable hardware that utilize logic gates. 

Are You Ready to adopt Artificial Intelligence?

The time for social Artificial Intelligence is here. Automated human interaction is now a reality and we are ready to make your dreams come true. CyberSage technology is truly limited only by the human imagination. Visual navigation, guest tracking, object detection, speech recognition, emotion detection, the sky is the limit. Call us.

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